Collaborative Group Learning

CGL Pattern of Interaction

CGL Pattern of Interaction

For over 7 years I have been developing, researching, delivering and sharing Collaborative Group Learning approaches to teaching and learning. Through my applied work I have come to define the principles of CGL, outline aspects of a CGL pedagogy, develop an approach to Curriculum which harnesses the power of Collaborative Inquiry and refine the means in which a student, teacher, department and school can apply the principles of CGL to enhance effective learning.

It is my hope to collate my work into a practitioner handbook which will enable teachers, department and schools to apply all things CGL.

This website is primarily dedicated to my work relating to CGL. I am also using this site as a vehicle to share my ongoing work within Education more broadly. My interests and work are ever evolving and are born from curiosity and through my work within a North London Secondary Academy, through my Phd research into CGL and through my work for UCL Institute of Education teaching on both the History ITT and Masters programmes.

Please explore this site, challenge my thinking, and contact me with any questions you might have.