Learn to… Sessions

Since September 2015 I have been trailing the implementation of a series of sessions called Learn to… These sessions are designed to aid the construction of effective Learning Set capable of collaborative communication and collaborative action leading to affective and effective learning.

This is a small taster of the sessions being successfully implemented in a North London secondary school.

Session 1:
In this session learners are given an opportunity to share something about themselves. While developing communication skills the activity acts as an opening move in the construction of a Learning Set identity through coming to know one another.

Session 6:
In this session the activity seeks to utilise emerging communication skills (respectful talk) to address feelings, beliefs, concerns members of the group may have in regards to one another. By addressing these thoughts and opinions, and beginning a discourse concerning them, early in the establishment of the Learning Set identity and the socialised-learning continuum, it is hoped that such thoughts so often undressed can be aired and dealt with. I believe that a shared knowledge of feelings and often false beliefs can preempt the emergence of ‘hidden’ and damaging social relations which will hinder effective collaboration.

Session 7:
In this session the focus is upon helping learners to become aware of and to begin to develop an understanding of the role of recreation (generosity) within their learning. My empirical research is beginning to suggest that generosity plays a large role within the overall effectiveness of the Learning Set.

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